IMEX Liaisons Group - About Us

IMEX Liaisons Group is a Hong Kong registered company with offices in Guangzhou, China & New Delhi, India. The business is divided into two main divisions, i.e. the “Chemicals Division” and “Sourcing Services Division”. The “Chemicals Division” is engaged in export of chemicals from China whereas our “China Sourcing Services division” provides a variety of sourcing services for clients looking to import from China.

The chemicals business is the group’s core business and we are one of the biggest suppliers of industrial chemicals to various industries such as the paints & coatings industry, plastics industry, rubber industry and other manufacturing/industrial users of chemicals such as Titanium Dioxide, Gum Rosin, Refined Glycerine, etc. To know more about our chemicals business, please visit

IMEX Liaisons group “China Sourcing Services” division provides complete sourcing, supplier verification, freight management and quality control services to help manage the client’s entire China sourcing process from finding manufacturers, to negotiating prices and from controlling quality to managing the shipping process. As part of our sourcing & quality control service, we also provide miscellaneous services and manage and plan our client’s China visit from booking hotels, to arranging factory visits and providing translators. This ensures that the clients can achieve maximum productivity from their china visit. The translators play a great role in helping clients who want to go through the product selection process themselves in China. Other than guiding our clients to the right vendors, markets and manufacturers our translators also help with negotiations with the manufacturers on the client’s behalf. To know more about out “China Sourcing Services” business please visit